Welcome to the official website of the European Regional Academy.

The European Regional Academy has given and continues to provide highly qualified personnel not only in the field of modern technologies but also in the fields of economics, tourism, international relations, linguistics and psychology. Over the past 15 years it has reached such a noticable level in our country which allows students a unique opportunity to specialize in such leading industries as Synopsys and Information Technology.

According to the European Academy Strategic Development Program, 2008-2009 academic year the ERA has opened its branches in Gyumri and Vanadzor, and from 2009-2010 academic year it started operating in Gavar and Ijevan. The European Academy has opened a PhD course, a system of inquiry has been set up in a number of professions, and since 2014 there is a 008 specialized boardof economics.

The European Academy creates a wide range of opportunities for students not only in the Republic of Armenia but also abroad. It has a stable edge of cooperation with leading universities in France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Romania, Poland, the United States and other countries. Within the framework of the cooperation project there are students, lecturers’ exchange programs, scientific and educational conferences and seminars conducted.

In the Academy, the students not only master innovative technologies, but also get the necessary knowledge of foreign languages, moreover simultaneously are taught English in the curriculum. And some of the profession subjects are taught in English since the third year of study. Today the Academy is considered one of the best high qualified institutions as it has a unique, up-to-date and favorable environment that certainly gives new quality and breath to our future students.

The University lives in a rich educational, scientific and cultural life. Renewable professions and specializations, educational perspective programs, innovative teaching methods and approaches are coherent with modern standards of advanced educational institutions.

The European Academy is one of the exceptional educational institutions with its unique traditions, simplicity of processes, student-centered principles, which, besides being an educational complex, becomes an environment for students’ ideas and thoughts, evaluating the role of higher education in public life. The academy has always remained faithful to its inherited principles, the cornerstone of which is “ for the student and the student”. By adopting the European educational standards, the ERA continuously works on refreshing and complementing not only its professors staffs but also by providing the best education to our students by providing them with new and up-to-date equipments, well equipped auditoriums, such as today’s Erasmus + audience, designed to implement projects and approaches that stand at the base of our university’s strategic plan to give and receive the best result. The fact is that we can and are strong together thanks to our students’ great potential and abilities.

Thus, we welcome you to our official website, which will provide you with necessary information and feedback of the European Academy.