Economics and Management


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The Department of Economics was formed from the first day of EREA foundation. The Chair or Economics was formed in 2005, in 2008 it was reformed to the Faculty of Economics and Management. In 2013 the Faculty was reformed to the Department of Economics and Management. The Head of the Department is PhD, Associate Professor Julieta Tadevosyan.
There is a Chair of Economics and Management in the Department and the Head of the Chair is PhD, Associate Professor. ,Narine Kirakosyan.
The Chair of Economics and Management implements educational parallel programs of European and Armenian educational programs in Bachelor’s (full time, part time), Master’s. PhD and Candidate programs were successfully launched at the Chair of Economics.
In the Department of Economics and Management the educational programs are currently conducted at the following specialties:
Bachelor’s Program (full time)
08.07.00 . “International Economic Relations” program:
• Provides the students with profound knowledge and practical skills in various fields of economy and management,
• Explore the global, European and Armenian of economic systems through International comparison in order to increase the efficiency of macro-management,
• Examine the economic activity in the areas that are particularly important to organize business and management aspects,
• To transmute practices into a superior learning tool,
• The graduates will have the opportunity to work in professional marketing and management fields.
Qualification: Bachelor of Economics
08.07.00. “International Economic Relations” program – Foreign students of the Department take courses in full time Bachelor’s first, second and third years.
00.08.02 ” Management” program provides;
• Research and investment of various field of governance in RA and EU
• Practical application of modern information technologies in business
• Students will be given professional knowledge of accounting and finance sectors
• Transmute the carried out practice in business into a superior learning tool.
It is already the third year that a part time learning educational program of the two specialties are carried out.
“International Economic Relations” program is carried out in the fourth and fifth years of part time courses.
Master’s program, full time
08.02.00 “Management” specialty “Business Management” specialization Master’s Degree program is designed to train qualified managers, executives, professionals, spacialists in business and finance sectors, who possess knowledge, experience and skills and are able to take decisions, market competition, risk emergency management ready for a new standard to effectively manage their organizations and different departments, in different cultural environments.
Qualification: Master of Management
Qualification: Master of Arts in Economics
08.07.00 “International Economic Relations” specialty “International Business” Master’s Degree program is designed to prepare qualified economists, analysts and experts who are skilled in international business organization and have modern knowledge, experience and skills to research and present reports, provide advice on international trade, international finance, logistics, business and other areas.
Graduate/Post-graduate education is carried out in 2 specialties Ը.00.06. “International Economics” and Ը.00.02. “Economy, Sectors of Economics and Management.”
4 PhD students from the Chair of Economics and Management have successfully defended their theses and now have PhD in Economics.
Bachelor’s program (full time) – 243
Master’s program – 41
Part time – 193
PhD – 45
EREA Student life
The Department has a Student Council, which is called to perform the following functions:
• Protect the rights and interests of the students
• Present practical suggestions to promote the quality of education
• Provide education and outreach activities to make student life more active and interesting
• Promote student-teacher relations
• Expand and strengthen inter-institutional relationships.
The Department has also Student Scientific Society, which allows participating in
• universities and inter-university conferences
• seminars
• diverse and different discussions.

The staff of the Department of Economics and Management

In 2013-2014 academic year the Department of Economics and Management has 21 lecturers 7 have degrees of Doctor of Economics, Professor, 12 have PhD in Economics and are Associate Professors, 2 lecturers are currently PhD students working on their Ph.D. 13 lecturers are full time employees.