International Relations

International Relations


Goals and working opportunities 

The main aims of International Relations Chair’s activity is the preparations of highly qualified specialists in international relations and diplomacy, who could be able to implement the obtained course knowledge into independent analyzing of geopolitical processes in contemporary world.

The academic programs periodically are updated in accordance with regular world political and regional developments. All study rooms of the Chair is provided by the modern furniture, software and equipment. The academic programs are available in three languages.



Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s programme in International Relations provides 4 years /8 semesters/ of full-time education on specialty «International Relations», as well as 5 years/10 semesters/ of part-time education. For the purpose of implementation of obtained professional knowledge industrial and pre-graduated practices are organized during the educational process.


Master’s Degree

Master’s programme in International Relations provides 2 years /4 semesters/ of full-time education and 2.5 years of part-time education.

Master’s educational programme in International Relations consists of educational and research parts.

Specialization and Qualification

  • The Qualification of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in specialty “International Relations



  • World Political Map
  • The emergence of Diaspora and  current problems
  • Basics of Culturology
  • Basics of Diplomacy
  • Logic
  • International Organizations
  • History of Political Doctrins
  • Rhetorical Art
  • History of IR and Diplomacy/ancient times/
  • Basics of  Philosophy
  • Politics
  • History of Armenian Diplomacy/ancient times/
  • History of IR and Diplomacy/middle ages/
  • Basics of Civilization
  • Contemporary issues in world Politics
  • History of Armenian Diplomacy/middle ages/
  • History of IR and Diplomacy/new period/
  • Diplomatic Psychology
  • Basics of The International Relations Theory
  • History of IR and Diplomacy/newest period/
  • Modern information technology in diplomatic practice
  • History of Armenian Diplomacy/new period/
  • Diplomatic Ethics and Protocol
  • Geopolitics
  • Diplomatic and Consular Right and Service
  • History of Armenian Diplomacy/newest period/
  • The Armenian Question and International Diplomacy
  • Political Crisis and Conflicts
  • International and European Law
  • Conducting of Diplomatic Negotiations
  • The Karabakh Problem and International Diplomacy
  • Regional Geography/Europe/
  • RA Contemporary Foreign Politics’ Essential Directions
  • IR introduction of professionality


Admission Conditions

For the purpose of admission to the International Relations department of European Academy the applicants should pass uniform and graduation examinations on the following subjects: Armenian History and Armenian language.



Head of ChairMyasnik A. Yesoyan, PHD of History

Referent- Shushan Arazyan


The Chair of International Relations consists of the best lecturers of the sphere:

Henrik Abrahamyan /Doctor of Science in History, Professor/

Lilit Makaryan /PhD, Associate Professor/

Roman Karapetyan /PhD/

Gor Margaryan /PhD/

Vardan Matevosyan /PhD/

Roman Meliqyan /PhD/

Eranuhi Manukyan /PhD/

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Diana Sargsyan

Gevorg Hakobyan

Gagik Vardanyan