Objectives and Job Opportunities

The main objective of the Linguistics education program is as follows:

  • To provide deep professional knowledge
  • To develop all forms of verbal communication / listening, reading, speaking and writing skills/
  • To develop intercultural communication skills
  • To engage with the European culture, cultural and moral values, to strengthen the national identity

The objective and main target is teaching English by means of applying up-to-date approaches and methods.We offer not only theoretical knowledge but also develop students’ skills in a diversity of practical usage of English.For the effective implementation of the program, we give special importance to the culture of English-speaking countries and area studies. The graduates of the Linguistic department of the EREA become professionals in the sphere of Linguistics with sound knowledge of two foreign languages.Good language skills, professional knowledge acquired during the study years make graduates highly competitive in the labor market.They can work as assistants both in local offices and in Armenian-foreign joint ventures.Being proficient in professional English, in line with European standards, graduates with a qualification of a Linguist have the right to participate in the Michigan and Cambridge University ECCE and ECPE exams and receive international certificates of English B2-C1 levels.             

The specialty of Linguistics has the following structure: 

The professional training of linguists is provided  through 3 degrees: bachelor ‘s degree, master’s programme, postgraduate programme.

Bachelor’s  degree:

Profession: 031100 Linguistics

Qualification- Bachelor of Linguistics

The educational programme of Bachelor of Linguistics(internal) involves the specialty of Linguistic Studies of 4 academic years (8 terms) duration.

“General Linguistics” specialization   BA Academic Program is compiled of the following subjects:

  • Armenian Language and Speech Culture
  • Writing and Speaking Skills /Armenian/
  • Russian
  • Writing and Speaking Skills /Russian/
  • Speaking Skills (English)
  • Second Foreign Language /French/
  • Reading and Text Interpretation /English/
  • Practical Course of English Grammar
  • Practical Course of English Phonetics
  • Latin
  • Introduction to General Linguistics
  • History of Culture
  • Russian and Specialized Translation
  • History of Foreign Literature
  • Area Studies/Professional first foreign language/
  • Area Studies /Professional second foreign language/
  • Lexicology
  • Theory of Grammar
  • Theory of  Phonetics
  • History of Foreign Language
  • Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching
  • Stylistics
  • Theory of Translation
  • Typology
  • Writing Skills / English/

Master’s programme:

031200 Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communications speciality

Qualification: Master  of Linguistics


“ Applied Linguistics” specialization   MA Academic Program is compiled of the following subjects:

  • Practical Course of FSP/ GSP
  • Armenian Culture in the Context of the World Culture
  • Translation as a Profession
  • Translation Methods
  • Theory of  Communication
  • Functional Stylistics
  • Fields of Translation and Specific Vocabulary (Legal translation)
  • Practical Course of  ESP
  • Contrastive Semantics
  • Phonostylistic Interpretation of the Literary Text
  • The Language of Publicistic-Political English
  • Theory of the Text
  • English for Bussness Communication
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Pragmatics
  • Fields of  Translation and Specific Vocabulary (Literary Translation)
  • ESP (Marketology)/ English for Business Communication
  • Business English: Administrative Communication

Postgraduate education:


ժ02.02. General and Comperative Linguistics

Qualification. PhD degree in Linguistics

The duration of studies:

The qualification of Bachelor   Degree (internal) 4 years

The Qualification of master’s programme (internal) 2 yaers

The qualification of Postgraduate programme – 3 years (internal) 4 years (external) (3-4 years)


 The graduates of Linguistics get diplomas with the following number: 0311000, the qualification – Bachelor of Linguistics.

The department of Linguistics offers Translation Studies Specialty (according to languages)

  1. English and literature.
  2. French and literature

The Graduates of master’s programme get qualification diplomas:

Master of Linguistics

Admission requirements:


  1. competitive entrance exams:

“Linguistics “, specialization “ Applied Linguistics”

  1. Foreign Languages ( written test)
  2. Armenian ( written test)

Staff of the Chair / Professors

Head of Chair: Levon Markosyan

  1.  Kristina Harutyunova
  2. Markuhi Voskanyan
  3. Naira Smbatyan
  4. K.Ananyan
  5. Karine Ashinyan
  6. Lendrush Arzumanyan
  7. Liana Grigoryan
  8. Lusine Haroyan
  9. Marlena Shahbazyan
  10. Marine Avetisyan
  11. Shushan Hovhannisyan
  12. Syuzanna Afyan