Pedagogy and Psychology



Objectives and work possibilities  

Having as a base the strategy program of ERA and its priorities, ERA Psychological Department aims to provide students with education which corresponds to international scientific-educational developments, as well as to realize research work in the result of this such specialists will be formed, who will be able to assist social-economicdevelopment of Armenia and in the same time will be competitive in the international job market.

Employment spheres of  ERA Psychological Department graduates are: 

  • Educational sphere: as psychologist-counselors in educational institutions, teacher of psychology, manager of educational and methodological activities.
  • Sphere of social work, consultation, expertize
  • Shpere of research
  • Cross-Cultural research
  • Sphere of defense and  state security: expertize, research, prevent and prognosis
  • Psychologist-analyst, psychologist-expert, psychologist-councilor in politics, jurisprudence, state employment.
  • Psychologist-expert, psychologist-councilor in the spheres of management, service, production, business.
  • Intercultural and interstate relations, diplomacy, expert in international relations, expert in negotiations



Duration of bachelor’s degree is 4 years. Within the frames of this educational program the students will obtain knowledge in the following spheres

  • Issues of human psychology and behavior
  • development of human
  • interpersonal relations and communication, conflicts
  • small and big social-psychological groups, management
  • issues of ethnical psychology and pedagogy

In bachelor’s degree you will come up the following subjects



Armenian language and culture



History of Armenia

Basics of Philosophy


Political science




Civil defense and emergency

Phisical culture



Introduction on the psychology

Basics of personality psychology

Introduction on the psychology of communication

Social psychology

Basics of general psychology

Cognitive processes

Practicum on psychology

Psychology of governing

Translation of professional texts from Russian

Translation of professional texts from English

Gender psychology

Frustration and defense mechanisms

Personality theories

Psychology of development

Psychology of deviant behavior

Developmental physiology

Basics of psychotherapy

Basics of psychodiagnostics

Military psychology

Juridical psychology

Pedagogical psychology

Theory of attribution


Social pedagogy


Psychology of intercultural communication



At masters’ degree education is 2 years /4 terms/

At regular masters’ degree  education  is 2 years/4 terms/:

At distance masters’ degreeeducation is two and a half years /5 terms/

The students are offered the following  subjects within this education program

Professional English

Professional Russian

IT in the sphere of psychological research

Contemporary problems of general psychology

Contemporary theories of personality

Contemporary problems of social psychology


Psychotherapy and psychological consulting

Personality and psychological adaptation

Psychological intervention on emergency

Principals of governing


Contemporary problems of  ethnopsychology

Psychology of family

Psychology of aggression

Pathological psychological development

Military psychology

Psychological problems of bilinguism

Psychology of influence

Political psychology

Social work

Psychological and pedagogical issues of development


Specialization and qualification 

The Department of Psychology gives the students an opportunity to gain a highly qualified   professional education and relevant qualification within the programs of bachelor and masters’ degree.

The graduates of the bachelor degree will be given a state diploma of the profession of ”Psychology”./դասիչ`031301.00.6/: The students will have the opportunity to make a choice within the specializations offered by the chair.


  • Psychology /031301.01.6/
  • Personality and Social Psychology
  • Psychology of Government and Political Psychology
  • Psychological Consultation and Clinical Psychology

There is both regular and distance learning at masters’ degree in ERA.

The graduates of masters’s degree will be given a state diploma of the profession of ”Psychology”./դասիչ`031301.00.7/:  The students will have the opportunity to make a choice within the specializations  offered by the chair.

  • Psychology (031301.01.7)
  • Ethnopsychology
  • Military psychology
  • Psychological consulting and psychotherapy
  • Personality and Social psychology
  • Conflictology
  • Psychology of government and Political psychology
  • Psycholinguistics


It is of first rank priority to take into account the student’s predilection in terms of his/her  choice of the sphere in this chair.


The data about the staff of the Chair.

There work the best specialists representing the corresponding  sphere in this chair.

Head of Chair: Karine Nalchajyan

Anna Nadoyan

Davit Jamalyan

Harutyun Mesrobyan