Welcome to the official website of European Regional Academy

European Regional Academy (ERA), being initially established as an institute of information technologies, currently prepares highly qualified specialists in the fields of Information Technologies, Economics, Law, International Relations, Tourism, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Psychology and Health Management.

ERA offers high quality Bachelor’s, Master’s and Post-graduate programs. Besides, the ProfessionalCouncil of Economics 008 started functioning at ERA in 2014.

ERA gives priority of enhancing students’ mastering of advanced technologies and improving their foreign language proficiency. The Academy provides English language instruction (6 hours per week) for two years along with the specialty courses to ensure that some specialization courses can be taught in English in the third and fourth years of study.

ERA collaborates with leading higher educational institutions of France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland, the USA, Canada and other countries in implementing exchange programs for students and the academic staff and organizing scientific conferences and seminars.

Due to its traditions, simplicity of procedures and student-orientedprinciplesERA has its unique place in the RA higher educationsystem. The Academy becomes a favourable environment for ideas and project implementation for students evaluating the role of the higher education in the social life. Once again welcome to our official website that will serve as a reliable source of information and feedback.