Microelectronic Circuits and Systems

Microelectronic Circuits and Systems

“Microelectronic Circuits and Systems” Chair was established in 2011 as a result of tripartite cooperation between VivaCell-MTS, “Synopsys Armenia” CJSC and the European Regional Educational Academy (ERA) to promote education in microelectronics and communication systems in Armenia.

Tasks and objectives of the chair 

The main goal of the Chair’s activities is training highly qualified specialists to meet the requirements of microelectronics enterprises by means of implementing University/Industry unique cooperation model.

Educational programs are created and regularly updated taking into account world-leading experience in the field, are oriented at using best in class Synopsys’ electronic design automation (EDA) tools and training specialists that meet the highest international standards.

The Chair is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, classrooms with hardware and software.


Admission requirements

According to the model, high-performing students who have completed the second year of Bachelor Program in Information Technologies department of ERA, who have thorough knowledge acquired through basic educational program, are involved in the educational program. Students are shortlisted by skilled specialists of VivaCell-MTS, “Synopsys Armenia” CJSC and leading professors of ERA.


Formation of the Chair

  •  Bachelor degree:education is 4 years /8 terms (2 year in the chair of “Microelectronic Circuits and Systems”/4terms)
  •  Masters degree :education is 2 years /4 terms/


Best professors of the area, leading specialists of VivaCell-MTS and “Synopsys Armenia” CJSC are involved in teaching staff of the Chair. The following undergraduate and graduate courses are taught in third and fourth years of Bachelor Program and in Master Program:

Bachelor Program

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Semiconductor Physics
  • Telecommunications Basics
  • Scripting Languages
  • Introduction to Circuits of Communication
  • Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits of Communication
  • Design Tools of Communication Microelectronic Circuits
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Technical Writing
  • Logic Design
  • Digital Integrated Circuits for Communications
  • Analog integrated circuits for communications
  • RF Circuits
  • IC Simulation Theory of Communication
  • Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Integrated Circuits

Master Program

  • Design of RF ICs for Communications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Project Management
  • Low Power Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Design of Special I/O Devices
  • Mixed Signal IC Design for Communications
  • EDA Mathematical Methods
  • EDA Software
  • Information technologies
  • Prototyping of Microelectronic Circuits of Communications
  • Scientific Seminar


Best students studying at the Chair are involved in competitions of Educational Award of the President of Armenia in IT sector.

Continuous additional training courses are organized by the teaching staff of the Chair according to students’ preferences.

Students also participate in seminars and internships organized by the leading companies in the sector.

Staff of the chair

The Department is headed by Honorable Scientist of Armenia, President’s Award winner in technical sciences and information technologies, cooresponding member of NA RA, Sci.D. Professor Vazgen Melikyan Sh.

  1. Anush Melikyan
  2. Abraham Balabanyan
  3. Ani Aleksanyan
  4. Ani Poghosyan
  5. Ararat Khachatryan
  6. Aristakes Hovsepyan
  7. Artak Hayrapetyan
  8. Ashot Harutyunyan
  9. Elena Nikoghosyan
  10. Misak Travajyan
  11. Taron Siradeghyan
  12. Davit Babayan
  13. Eduard Pluzyan
  14. Hovhannes Gomtsyan
  15. Tigran Khazhakyan